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A US WWII veteran, the 1943 Boeing Stearman, Old Crow comes back to base


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About Hans Nordsiek

Hans has given hundreds of shows, touching the hearts and minds of thousands of spectators. Driven by the passion of flying, the power of authenticity and by sheer unlimited energy, Hans is truly the man to take any (aviation) event to the next level.

Unique mobile Storyteller Show around a biplane

Come and join the show!

Unique Boeing Stearman in unique colors

The 1943 Boeing Stearman, Old Crow

Highly asked for public speaker

Trained by and mingled with the best in the industry

Bringing the stories home


Hans is a multi-talented individual; he is equally at home in the world of aviation, entertainment, education and inspiration. This 18,000+ flight hours pilot flew 82 different types of airplanes from the P-51 Mustang, Stearman, PBY Catalina to the Boeing 747, 737, 777 and 787. Raised in the Netherlands, he explored many aspects of flying as an aviation degree graduate, maintenance manager and professional pilot.

Besides that, he has close to two decades of experience in theater as an actor, performer and artistic director. In 2019 he published his first multi-media interactive book, „Pilot with The Five Stripes,“ in Dutch; an instant success.

Retired as an airline captain/instructor he now focuses on sharing his magic of flying (and living!) with a broad audience throughout the world.

Also, he is a highly asked for public speaker, celebrity interviewer and Hero’s Journey Guide. Branded as the award winning ‘The Storyteller,’ he traveled with his personal biplane, the 1943 Boeing N2S-3 Stearman, Old Crow, to aviation events in Europe for three decades. Hans is now ready to rock the USA and Canada with his awe-inspiring theater and storyteller shows.

This talented Aviator has given hundreds of shows, touching the hearts and minds of thousands of spectators. Driven by the passion of flying, the power of authenticity and by sheer unlimited energy, Hans is truly the man to take any (aviation) event to the next level.


  • Unique mobile Storyteller Show around a biplane
  • Combination of four personal skills; pilot, performer, educator, inspirer
  • Global experience in many countries as a pilot & as a (street) performer
  • Unique Boeing Stearman in unique colors
  • Speaks three languages; English, Dutch, German
  • The only ‘Fiets van Messel Award’ winning public performer
  • Trained by and mingled with the best in the industry; Dr. Phil, Patch Adams, JTFoxx, etc
  • Completely self-supporting. Own audio system & theater equipment
  • Twenty years of experience in public shows on aviation events
  • The only man worldwide doing what he does. Period.


  • Graduate with an aviation technology degree
  • 18,000 + flight hours on 82 different planes
  • Flew the world’s smallest twin (a French Cri-Cri) and the world’s biggest twin (a Boeing 777-300)
  • Airline captain, instructor and check pilot on the Boeing 777 & 787 (ret.)
  • Holder of the US Commercial license with SEL, MEL, SES, tail wheel endorsement and Instrument rating
  • Holder of the US Flight Instructor license CFI/II with SEL and Instrument rating.
  • Holder of the European ATPL license
  • 50 Years in aviation, 17 Years in the entertainment industry
  • Rebuilt, maintains and flies his 1943 Boeing N2S-3 Stearman Old Crow N9912H
  • Actor, speaker, performer, interviewer, coach, artistic director
  • Award winning Storyteller, held hundreds of shows for hundred thousands of people


Why does he do this?

The discoverers of the Americas were always told when they settled somewhere; „Go West, young man,“ meaning, „Take up your gear, find new grounds, find out who you are by being on the move.“

This paradigm is exactly what motivates him to do what he does. Having started as a young boy with building model planes, he went ‘west’ all the time on his journey in the World of Flying, until he met his latest challenge; the need to convey all that he learned with an audience. The best way to start, he felt twenty years ago and with no experience at all in public performances, was going on the squares of the world cities to experiment with street theater.

Which he did. Now, two decades later, he discovered that is all about sharing. Sharing your enthusiasm, your passion, your love for what you do.That is why he does it.

When can he perform?

Hans performs year-round anywhere in the USA, Canada or else in the world as guest speaker, storyteller, entertainer, interviewer.

His famous shows around the Boeing N2S-3 Stearman Old Crow are held during the airshow season at airports throughout the USA.

Where can The Storyteller perform along with his Old Crow?

Stearmans are great and slow flying machines! That is why The Storyteller along with his Old Crow plane is restricted to locations within a 180 Nautical Miles (NM) radius around Warrenton, Virginia.


The need to attract a new generation to the world of flying is the goal of many great aviation organizations. Hans ‘The Storyteller’ Nordsiek gladly helps to do so as well. Following the STEM acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), a variety of initiatives are taken nationwide to reach that generation.

Hans Nordsiek brings another acronym on the table; METS.

METS stands for Mental, Emotional, inTuitive, Spiritual. Incorporating both the STEM and the METS acronyms in public reach outs, leads to a balanced equilibrium that resonates with both our brains and our heart. The perfect precondition to get any audience on fire.

SHOW & Performance

What can the Storyteller do for you?

Hans Nordsiek can entertain your audience in almost any circumstance at any time at any place. Collecting from his wealth of experience he customizes his story of joy, laughter and little life lessons easily to any crowd. His goal is to inspire a new generation, to find their path in life and to aspire to great things. To „become who they are,“ be it an aviator, doctor or whatever that is dormant in their hearts.

He prefers to travel with his famous Boeing N2S-3 Stearman, Old Crow to your event, set up his stage around the plane and give his 30-60 minute shows several times a day.

His two fold story deals with the historic importance of vintage planes, as well as the fun, excitement and personal benefits that come along with these planes. Juggling with aspects like how to connect with your passion, how to fly these vintage birds and how to serve your country when needed. Hans takes the crowd on a roller coaster ride through their own excitements, desires and purpose of life. Indeed, always with a good sense of humor and in respect to all inhabitants of the earth.

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